Pandey Sir

Pandey Sir (GENIUS)

Mr. Pandey believes learning English is a great way to improve your life. However, it is necessary to follow a protocol to learn it so that the language becomes easy to grasp. It is observed many people start and stop learning English right away because they think it is too difficult. Perhaps, this is because people are focusing on textbooks and grammar rules only.

Mr. Pandey focus and identify the ways to learn English, and try every student to conquer over the subject. First, know that learning English is not only possible, but it is also fun! Indeed, it is also necessary as it covers the large part of govt exams. Remember, you are not learning English to master grammar rules or read textbooks, but to master over it.

At our coaching institute in Sonipat, Galaxy Axis the students learn the importance of finding ways to use English in their every day lives.